Sunday, 25 September 2011

How to make a blog and add widget


Click "Bahan KRT 3013" inside the AKU_HAFIF BOX
Click the first item 'KURSUS BLOGG..." and download
Finish. =)


If you like to add in some interesting widgets, you may GOOGLE it.
Such as, 'how to add clock into blogger?', 'how to add music into my blog?'
Google is full of information and it is easy to learn so.
Oh ya, be careful when entering any web address to prevent VIRUS. =)

Some interested widgets' link:

Music Player
Chat Box

You can find others widget in blogger such as Video Bar, Links Bar, Pageviews, Picture, Slideshow etc.

DON'T put TOO MUCH of widgets to prevent LAG. :)

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